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97,2 %

The matric class of 2023 overcame numerous challenges, including the school renovations and restoration, to achieve outstanding results with an impressive overall pass rate of 97.2%. Their dedication and hard work can be seen in the remarkable 100% pass rates in...

The opening of the new Science Lab

2023 has surely been an exciting year here at Trafalgar! Our campus is buzzing with anticipation as we proudly unveil our newest addition: the magnificent New Science Lab. Prepare to be amazed as we embark on a journey of endless possibilities and groundbreaking...

Matric tips for good mental health

Tips for mental healthMatriculants are just about finished with their mid-year exam. From experience we know that tension starts building from now  until we hear that critical result.... Keep calm, read and enjoy the bi-weekly tips we will be sharing with you to...

Past Exam Papers – Grade 12

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As the oldest school for people of colour in South Africa, Trafalgar High School has a proud history both in terms of providing superior education as well as ensuring that its students understand their responsibility in society and their communities. These values that have endured for more than a century can be traced to when the school was founded in 1912 after the President of the African People’s Organisation, Dr Abdurahman, who was a councillor at the time, campaigned for a co-educational school for coloured people. The school’s first principal, Harold Cressy was also the first person of colour to get a BA degree from the University of Cape Town. Both these men understood that a good education was the means to changing social and economic circumstances.   


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Trafalgar high school is committed to:

Building a caring, progressive and involved community of learners,educators and parents/guardians


Our Story

A rich heritage which we will leverage going forward, ensuring the next 100 years will be even more fruitful.


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Location: 35 Kuiper Street, Zonnebloem, Cape Town

Telephone: 021 465 2969


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Our Mission & Vision

Trafalgar High School is committed to:

  • Building a caring, progressive and involved community of learners, educators and parents/guardians.
  • Promoting positive progressive values and attitudes that embrace understanding, tolerance and appreciation of the diverse cultures in South Africa.
  • Giving full expression to our motto “Per Angusta, Ad Augusta, that we have the ability to overcome difficulties so that we succeed and emerge triumphantly.
  • Cultivating and nurturing ethics of educational excellence, amongst learners, educators and the parent community.
  • Ensuring that accountability and transparency are the bedrock of all our activities.